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Warhood's - Board Guidelines

Welcome to The Warhood Forums - we hope you enjoy your stay here. In order to enable other members to do the same, we ask you to adhere to the following very simple rules:

Adult and Prohibited content

Please do not post any of the following on this board (in roughly descending order of importance):

  1. Anything illegal (for example, anything that infringes upon copyrights or trademarks);
  2. Anything abusive, threatening, racist, supportive of terrorism, or inciteful of hatred;
  3. Anything excessively violent (beyond a PG-13 level), or anything which promotes or incites violence;
  4. Any pornographic, adult, or sexually-oriented content. Some 'borderline' examples (e.g. NSFW jokes) will be allowed to stay, provided that they are marked as such (e.g. contained within spoiler tags with an 'NSFW' heading);
  5. Nudity is, in general, not allowed - although we may permit non-sexual examples, provided they are spoilered and directly relevant to the topic at hand (e.g. under these terms, a picture of the Statue of David would be allowed in a thread about classical art). However, if in doubt, it's best to ask first!
  6. Anything knowingly false, defamatory, libellous, or invasive of privacy (as outlined in our Privacy Policy);
  7. Any information on how to scam or cheat people, or otherwise commit fraud;
  8. Any viruses, or other harmful computer software;
  9. Any information on illicit drugs. (Discussing the politics surrounding their legality is allowed; posting information on how to create or obtain them is not);
  10. Any credentials (e.g. passwords or CD-keys), or any information on hacking. (This includes information provided for the purposes of "ethical hacking": there's no way we can prevent its misuse by less scrupulous individuals :( )


Please only post if you have something to contribute to the discussion. For example, if the thread is about "What animals have you seen today?", and you haven't seen any animals today, there's no point in posting to say "None".

Basically: if you have nothing relevant to post, don't post.


Please don't insult, attack, or act in a provocative way towards other members. If anyone does flame at you, don't flame back; simply send a PM to one of the admins and they will handle it.


You are permitted to start topics in the "Affiliates" section to advertise any websites/forums that you may run, but this is limited to one topic per website/forum, and you must have 20 posts before starting an advertising thread. Beyond this, please do not post or send PMs advertising your website/forum to other members, unless it's intended to be helpful (or, in the case of a PM, with that person's implied/express consent), as otherwise it's a form of spamming.

You can, however, advertise freely in your profile and signature.

Topic titles

Because the title is the first part of a thread that most people see, please use a title that accurately describes the purpose of the topic, and sets an appropriate tone. In particular:

  1. Make the title descriptive. For example, if you need help with something, then the thread title should say what it is that you need help with, and not just "I need help!". (The only exception to this, where a less descriptive title would be preferable, is when it's necessary to avoid giving away spoilers; see the 'Spoilers' section below)
  2. Avoid unnecessarily polarising titles, such as "Why [Controversial activity X] is worse than genocide". Titles don't have to be completely neutral, but they should read like a starting point for discussion, and not the opening shot of a flame war.

Articles and Links

When posting a news article, please do not copy and paste the entire article into your opening post. Instead, post a summary or an excerpt (preferably no more than a few lines), and leave a link to the rest of the article. This is for both copyright reasons.

If you're cross-posting a thread that you found on another person's site, then it's recommended that you leave a link to their original thread on their board, so that they don't think you're stealing their content. However, please don't do this when cross-posting your own threads, or when cross-posting threads from your own board, as this gives the impression of advertising.

Images, Avatars and Signatures

In order to save on loading times and mobile data, please observe the following:

  1. Images in your signature should not cause noticeable loading issues (as a guideline, we recommend your entire signature should not exceed 500KB);
  2. Any very large images in posts (5MB upwards) must be posted as links (giving a clear indication of the file size);
  3. If you post a topic which contains (or is likely to contain) a lot of images, we recommend that you add a "[LOAD WARNING]" tag to the topic title.

Also, any images using animations which are likely to irritate other users (e.g. blinking or flashing effects, or 'jump scares') must not be used in avatars, and must not be used elsewhere (e.g. in posts or signatures) without a spoiler tag describing the nature of the animation.


Reviving old topics is allowed throughout The Warhood Forums. However, it is usually inadvisable in news forums, as this may confuse members into thinking that the old news is new again. Should an old news topic be revived, it will be marked in the title as "[OLD NEWS]".


Swearing is not prohibited, but don't go overboard with it. Cursing excessively for the sake of being foul-mouthed merely irritates other users.

Racial or ethnic slurs, such as the N-word, are not allowed at all unless the use is clearly contextual and not directed at another member (for example, when quoting Lil' Wayne's song lyrics as part of a legitimate discussion of his music).

Multiple accounts

Each member is allowed only one account; any subsequent accounts will be merged into the original on discovery. Also, if any offences have been committed on these accounts, the punishments for these offences will be applied to the original account.

Basically, all this amounts to is "Have some common sense". Thank you for reading and following these rules - and have fun!

-The Warhood staff team