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      Who are you? What are you doing here? What is your goal? Post it all in here.

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      Show your builds, modding and other plans of our products here.

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      Do you need help? Go to this forum and post your topic, we will help you soon as we can.

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    1. Computer Specs

      Show us your computer and tell us more about it here!

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      Overclocking, and Troubleshooting, etc.

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      Ask here anything about power supplies, or if you need help!

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    4. Cooling

      Air Cooling and AIOs, all the questions can be posted here.

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    5. Cases made by others

      Cases, RGB, Modding and Tricks made by another company's/Fans post in here!

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      Keyboards, Mice, Mousepads, etc.

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      Need help with Sound Cards, Mixers, Headphones, Speakers, post all of them in here.

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      HDD, SSD, Mechanical Drives, USB Drives, all your data can be found here.

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      Monitors, Projectors, TV's, Tips and Tricks, post it here.

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      Ever wanted to know how to install or buy a server or learn from it. Here you can post everything about Servers, NAS Units, RAID, Virtualization, etc.

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      What software do you like to use? Having issues with your OS post in the right forum!

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      Everything that is related to Programming you can post here.

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      Post or Find here the best software to use when it's about Streaming.

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      Everything that can't fit the area's on forums you may post in here. (Keep it Clean)

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      We have a hobby section for most of you, if you miss something let one of the admins know it.

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      All the archived topics from 2022 can be found here.

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    • Helo everyone, Welcome to Warhood. Our team has worked hard to get everything done and moved from the mybb software and this is the result. Alot of features may still be in development and will be added later. but for now what needs to work, works. We hope you all like it and start filling the site with interesting information, discussions and more. Our whole staff team is looking forward to see this site bloom into something amazing called "Home".   What have we added so far? ↣ New Forum Software We added new forums, removed old forums and changed existing ones to make for a clearer overall website. it should now be easier to understand where to post your topic if you want to and the descriptions have been rewritten for some of the forums aswell, to explain what and what not to post in that section. ↣ Award Badges We have also added something new to the forum, we added post achievements and award badges that you can earn by posting and uploading. We're adding more badges in the upcoming few days for special things such as donating, tutorials and more to give credit to the users for contributing to our forum. ↣ Downloads As you can see, everything is gone. We still have the old backup from our website though, so we can get everything back. The download page will have free stl files and instructions for people to download. To improve navigation for downloads and files we made a new system that makes it easier to navigate though and while we encourage you use the downloads system and search for the respective files, some users may still want to browse the forums. ↣ Gallery The gallery is empty cause the files got corrupt but I was lucky to have an old backup with the files on the computer so they will be uploaded to the gallery soon. We now have a gallery for our members where they can upload their pictures from 3d printers, stl files, computer cases etc. ↣ New Style We're using a layout that is not created by Johnny S. We hope to get our theme back soon and running on this software. In the meantime you have to deal with this one. ↣ Marketplace The Marketplace is where you can sell, trade, hire or look to buy things or services. We use the marketplace pure for 3D Printing, Filament, Software etc. ↣ Uploaders Is a new group that people get moved into after they've actively been uploading files to Warhood. They will be recognized as trusted uploaders and some of them will have exclusively access to our website when it goes down for updates. In a few days we will improve the forums more and with a few new updates. For now have fun on the forums, cheers.
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