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[Update] [06-12-2022] New Design
06-12-2022, 10:02 PM #1
Hello everyone,
Thanks for taking part to read this topic about the theme design. You should thank Johnny S who made it all possible.
He and I have been working amazingly together to make the theme for warhood, and still, I want to thank him for this amazing work.
Now that has been said in a couple of months we will make the website with new features, while I focus on coding the forums, he will focus more on creating a custom profile system.
Everything will be made in little steps, if there is a missing feature that you would like to see then just let me know and maybe I will add it to Warhood.

The forum is a little bit slow due to the things I am making in the background for its features, this will be solved in the future.
Until then, it will be me who will post updates on this forum area.

From now I wish you good luck with posting topics and a big thanks for being here.

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