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Welcome to the Warhood Community Boards
02-06-2023, 04:51 PM #1
Hello everyone,
Welcome to the official community boards of Warhood, I got so many questions about what my company does so I made a full list of what I do.

What does my company create?
Well, I build custom-made PC cases, so for all people around the world, I don't repair computers or PC parts. What I basically do is build PC cases in any kind of shape and color.

Why do you build small PC cases?
Most of the people I know do live with their parents or in a really small house and they don't have the space for a big gaming PC or streaming PC, well at Warhood we print computer cases into ITX sized pc cases so they can fit in every room. in my store you can find the PC cases that I print for every customer in any color. 

Do you print other tech stuff for computers?
And the answer is yes, I do 3d print PC parts, for example, if you have a red fan protector but you want it purple, I print them.

Do I ship worldwide?
Not yet, but I will in a couple of months.

Why did you create a forum for your company?
The community board is a place where all the customers and newcomers can have discussions about PC-related topics, think about new graphics cards, questions to streamers, etc.
And of course, a place that you can call "Home".

If you have more questions feel free to ask me on the forums, and I will reply back to you Wink

What are the new changes on your board?
I have made a few things new for all of you, and I will inform you what we have done so far.

Social Network Login: Yes you read it right, most people didn't like to register a new account on my forum, so I made the choice available that you can log in with a social platform with 1 click on the button at login.
Here is the list of Socials that you currently can use on my forum for login:, Discord, Facebook, Twitch, and WordPress. (Google and Youtube will work in a few days)

Gallery has been updated, the gallery had a big problem with the image rendering so I had to change a few things but it's finally working. So good luck with showing your product or modded pc case.

So we will write a few topics on the forum to make you feel more comfortable and at home.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and good luck on the boards!

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