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Account Deletion Policy
03-15-2022, 11:28 PM #1
We've had a number of situations where people no longer wished to be part of a forum community and that they requested to have their accounts deleted. These were handled on a case-by-case policy; since the issue has cropped up several times now, we think it's time we put a proper policy into place to handle these cases. As a result, we've created this thread, with the aim of answering the most common questions for deleting your account.

Will I get deleted for inactivity?

The answer is simple, No!

While some forums prune inactive accounts on a regular basis, it's not something we've ever done. Nor do we ever intend to start. We are aware that all of our members have lives outside Warhood - and, therefore, people sometimes have to take prolonged absences from the board. This is perfectly fine and normal - and so, we don't want to punish people for this by deleting their accounts: We want them to be able to pick up where they left off at any time. Experience has shown that members frequently return after months - or even years - of absence, often when we are least expecting it. We are glad to see these people again: We don't want to force them to start over!

We do sometimes prune spambots and other banned members - but, as long as you're in good standing here, you won't have to worry about having your account deleted for not being active enough, it's a free forum that you are allowed to join even if you are gone for weeks, months or years.

Where's the 'Delete My Account' button?

It doesn't exist! You'll find it on some other forum software; MyBB doesn't have this feature.

We are actually glad that this feature doesn't exist on MyBB. Experience has shown that, on forums that do allow people to delete their own accounts, far too many people ragequit in the heat of the moment, and then regret it once they've calmed down.

And what if I do want my account deleted then what?

You can send us a PM (staff Members) at any time. If the request was sent in response to some ongoing drama, then we may wait for a few days for the situation to cool down; and if you are sure about it, then we will carry through these requests.

You must understand that account deletions are permanent and irreversible - and, therefore, they should be requested only if you're sure you're 100% done with the community and never plan on coming back. The thing is that your account is also the account you will use for your orders when buying a pc case from our company. Therefore, we do not recommend requesting an account deletion over a temporary issue (for example, being busy, or falling out with another member). It could be that, a few months (or a few years) down the road, you'll have more free time, or you'll have made amends with your former enemy, or they'll have left Warhood themselves. As such, there are other options available to you, which would enable you to return under any of these circumstances.

What are my other options?

The quickest and easiest, and most common one is simply to stop visiting and abandon your account. This requires no action on your part or our part - and it puts no obstacles in the way of you returning should you ever change your mind in the future.

And, if you wish to go further than this, "We" can close/de-activate your account. This would involve moving your account into a 'Disabled' group where it cannot post, and does not appear on the member list. As is your right under our Privacy Policy (and relevant legislation such as the GDPR), We can also take other steps, such as re-naming your account, removing any personal information from your account, and deleting any threads/posts containing personal information about you (so that none of your remaining posts can be linked back to you).

Once again, the process of de-activating an account is reversible, so we can re-activate it should you ever wish to return.

If I've had my account deleted, can I re-register?

Of course, you're welcome to re-register with a new account at any time. However, do note that multiple deletions followed by re-registrations are strongly discouraged, as they tend to create unnecessary drama. Further, we don't maintain a list of post counts and of former members who deleted their account - and, anyone who re-registers will be required to re-start from zero. This is your only warning.

We hope that this has cleared things up and answered any questions you might have. But, if there's anything else you'd like to know, then ask away!

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